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Graphical user interfaces and data visualization tools

Realization of modern GUI, with standard aspect in each platform supported, for ease of use and learning. Long experience in development of tools for visualization and data analysis.

Frameworks used:


Multi-platform programming makes it possible to exploit peculiar tools available on each platform, not to limit the diffusion of a program, and help protecting investment form software market variations. Supported platforms (not exclusively):

Parallel programming

Parallel programming guarantees to reach the maximum performances, particularly for numerical simulation codes, even in consideration of the diffusion of multi-core and multi-processor systems. The know-how includes a set of different implementation techniques, both including shared memory or message parsing:

3D graphics

Applications may integrate 3D graphics, implemented using OpenGL API, which provide maximum portability, supporting a wide range of hardware and software platforms.

Programming languages

Main language: C/C++, which offers the following advantages:

Other languages: Python.
Development can also involve scientific tools like Matlab/Simulink, Scilab or LabView, even with hybrid code, as for example integrating C functions as Simulink blocks. In addiction, FORTRAN libraries can be used, which are widely diffuse in scientific numerical programming.

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