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F3MPIC is a 3D solver for the simulation of plasma for aerospace propulsion applications. F3MPIC is under development in the fremawork of the project, financed by European Union, for the development of a plasma engine for space propulsion. The objective of F3MPIC is to provide an instrument for calculation to support the design and performance analysis of the engine developed by the project.

F3MPIC merges 2 softwares:

  1. A Finite Elements Method solver (FEM) for the resolution of electric and magnetic fields related to the plasma. The code base is developed starting from an existing Open Source code, which has been modified to support parallel execution (in order to be run on a super-computer), particularly for the solution of the linear system representing the problem.
  2. A Particle-In-Cell (PIC) code for the integration of the plasma particles motion subjected to electromagnetic fields.

While the problem to be solver is very higly computationally intensive, F3MPIc is developed to be run on supercomputers, based on MPI protocol. F3MPIC runs on different supercomputers, both based on Linux and AIX.

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