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OpenFOAM is an Open Source CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, extremely powerful and flexible. It is developed by OpenCFD Limited, but also by many research centers and univercities all around the world, which took this tool to compete with the best commercial packages. As an Open Source tool, it is an interesting alternative instrument for:

  1. companies which cannot manage in their budget the cost of commercial CFD softwares, or which whant to reduce them.;
  2. companies or research centers needing a special simulation tool, implementing highly specialized mathematical models, not present in standard commercial tools.

OpenFOAM provides a large set of solvers, mesh conversion and editing tools, making it possible to simulate, among the others (see here for a complete list):

Thanks to the experience acquired in the use of OpenFOAM, also implementing modified solvers for special applications, the following services are provided:

  1. Simulation preparation and run.
  2. Development of special solvers or boundary conditions, for solving specialized problems, but limiting the development investment.

Simulation of a partially-permeable wall, using a self-implemented boundary condition

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