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SAMX-Logger is a platform for laboratory tests dedicated to data acquisition of several data channels (up to 60). Signals are analyzed in real-time and then both plotted and shown on numerical displays. When a test is completed, data can be explorted to CSV for further analysis or archiviation, and test reports are generated automatically in HTML format, or as an image. The interface is kept simple, to allow easy management of the instrument and data collection.

SAMX-Logger interfaces to Yokogawa MX-100.

SAMX-Logger - Numerical display active SAMX-Logger - Full screen plot

Numerical display active

Full screen plot

SAMX-Logger - HTML report window SAMX-Logger - Image report sample

HTML report window

Image report sample

SAMX-Logger - Yokogawa MX100 SAMX-Logger - Main window

Yokogawa MX100

SAMX-Logger main window

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