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Custom software development, particularly for data acquisition systems for industrial or research applications, and numerical simulation codes, for studying complex physical phenomena. Support for different software platforms and high performance computation (parallel computing, GPU computing). In addiction to software, services include complete design and integration of data acquisition and monitoring systems.

Technical software development

Software for monitoring and control

Software development for hardware control and monitoring, including communication protocol interface, with RS232, USB or Ethernet or other interface. The software can be provided with an easy installation interface, to be distributed to customers (for example if the software has to be distributed together with a product), both on Windows and Linux. an example of this kind of software is Maya, a software for management of engine control units produced by Athena S.p.A., enabling their customers to interface with the electronic unit, to monitor its behaviour, and to set the working parameters.

Data acquisition software

Software development for system control and integration of data acquisition systems, for custom solutions. The modular platform SAMPLE is designed to be easily adapted to different instruments and to integrate numerous algorithms for data analysis, even in real-time. Specific tools like SAMX-Logger can be implemented to embed in software specific standard and procedures.

Numerical simulation software

For the study of complex phenomena, ad-hoc simulation codes can be implemented like in the case of HyRoCode and F3MPIC, simulation codes developed for highly specific applications. Expertise includes one, two, and three dimensional codes, mesh generation, finite differences and finite elements computation. Code can be developed employing parallel computation paradigm, and modern GPU computing technique. In addiction, also modules for Matlab/Simulink or Scilab/SciCOS can be developed, even integrating C code for best performances.

Design and simulation

Thanks to experience in the usage and development of simulation softwares, services are provided also for the making simulation test campaigns with open source softwares like GetDp and OpenFOAM, dramatically reducing licensing costs respect to traditional commercial solvers. Specifically, OpenFOAM is an extremely powerful Open Source CFD solver, providing the maximum flexibility and numerical accuracy, even for complex simulations.

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